Feb. 22nd, 2010

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My man, Rupaul! I don't have cable and cannot stomach reality tv, so I don't watch "Rupaul's Drag Race", but I like what this man stands for: doing your own thing without apology! This photograph of him is in the March 2010 issue of The Advocate. I've been analyzing the lighting, which seems to be standard portrait lighting (key and fill with softboxes or umbrellas , at a ratio of 1:1).

Studying for my MCSA certification would be a lot easier, if photography was not so fascinating.


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Yesterday was my 41st birthday. I was awake for an hour before I remembered it was my birthday. I had a thought I wanted to record in my paper journal, and it wasn't until I scribbled the date at the top of the page that it dawned on me what day it was. I gasped in shock. "It's my birthday!!!" I exclaimed to T. My genuine surprise surprised me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes here and on Facebook and via text message and in voice mail. It was a pleasure to check my messages throughout the day and receive a new batch of them.

T and I spent the entire afternoon at Barnes & Noble; she studied her PC technician textbook and I studied a couple of photography books I picked up from the shelves. I also bought myself a CD of relaxing music. It was playing when we walked into the store, and I liked it so much that I immediately went to the music department and bought it. Another gift to myself was a large bottle of Dr. Bronner's lavender soap. I could probably add that 5x7 softbox for my flash that I bought at the end of the week to the list of things I bought myself for my birthday, too. I am pleased with all of my gifts.

Speaking of gifts from people other than me, I have the best friends and chosen family in the entire world!!!!!! [livejournal.com profile] labyrinthnight ordered a wireless flash trigger and receiver for me, to go with the wireless flash receiver [livejournal.com profile] lapetitediva bought me. [livejournal.com profile] red_silk_robe sent me a Kiva.org gift certificate. And [livejournal.com profile] inexperienced sent me the most amazing prints of her work. Between those gifts and all of the joyous messages I received, I feel truly spoiled.


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