Feb. 25th, 2010

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Most of the days I am at my internship, there are three people sitting in the director's corner of the cubical farm: the director (A), my MCSE instructor (L), and myself. One day L was in a gloomy mood, and A teased him about sounding like Eeyore. That led to a lively discussion between the three of us about which Winnie the Pooh characters we were. They christened me "Pooh", and I said A reminds me of Tigger, because she has so much energy. A went online and printed out illustrations of each of those characters, then taped them above our desks. The Eeyore illustration included wings and a halo.

In reality, L is a knowledgeable IT consultant and certified instructor, not to mention a fighter. He's been battling cancer for about a year, but he refuses to let that slow him down...much. Where the rest of us would call out because of a cold or a heavy snowfall, he'd go all the way out to the office in Manhattan from Long Island, snow, rain, pain, and all. The only thing that keeps him from coming in is something like hospitalization. He doesn't complain, and he doesn't lecture other people on what they should push through. He just pushes himself as a matter of course.

He went into the hospital with a bad infection a couple of weeks ago. A called him on Tuesday and told him we are rooting for him and sending our love. He was a little loopy from the painkillers, but he sounded cheerful and said the infection was finally responding to the antibiotics. I felt better knowing A had heard his voice and let him know we are thinking good thoughts for him.

Today I went in, and A had bad news for me: our Eeyore got his wings yesterday morning.

It seems surreal; how can a person be there one day and just...not be there the next day? I can't wrap my brain around that. Anyway, T and I intend to go to the wake on Sunday evening with the other people from the office. We want to show support for his friends and family, as well as getting some closure for ourselves.


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