Feb. 27th, 2010

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[livejournal.com profile] verucas_chaos gave me five words about me some time ago, and I am just sitting down to write about what they mean to me. (I'm not going to promise to give all commenters five words, because I don't want to break that promise.)

Strong: I miss lifting weights, but I have not motivated myself to restart, even a few minutes a day. I tend to over-think these things and feel I must commit to a detailed, 30-minute workout each day. Bah, humbug! Once I stop psyching myself out I will incorporate some kind of strength training into my everyday life, even if it's a just few minutes a day.

Creative: I am a far more creative person than I gave myself credit for in my teens. At this stage of my life I focus on nurturing my creative side, whether it's writing, doodling, singing, photographing, knitting/crocheting, or even dancing! I like making something out of nothing.

Hats: I did not like hats all that much as a kid. Now I like knitting/crocheting and wearing them. T's hat collection is growing, as I am a sap and cannot resist her pleading when she asks for another. I've enjoyed making some as gifts, and I'm enjoying selling some. When the weather gets warmer, I am going to experiment with cotton yarn, I think. That will be cooler and allow me to make fun hats for summer.

Lens: Camera lenses, what else? :-) I am happy with the lenses I have and am not craving any others. Instead, I am craving a pair (at least) of flash units I can manually control. I'm currently looking at Vivitar, because the price is far more manageable than the Canon Speedlight series.

Spiritual: My stance on spirituality right now is noncommittal. Whether or not the spirit realm exists is not the point. Whether a particular spiritual/religious philosophy is true is not the point. The point is that if it gives a person strength to face another day and guidance for treating others with the respect they are due as a fellow human being, it is meaningful.

As for me, I identify as agnostic and have reserved judgment on the existence of a spiritual realm. My spiritual/religious background did not comfort me; it gave me a constant sense of not being good enough and of being helpless/powerless. My life is far more peaceful, now that I am not attempting to live up to a religious belief system. I let my conscience be my guide.


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:11 pm
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I am a boisterous river
I am a mountains story
I am a quiet feeling
I am a fragrant flower
I am a moonlit evening
I am a peaceful night
I am a writers thinking
I am a wealth unfathomed

And if you don't recognize my presence, I am here
And if you don't recognize me, I am here

I am a source of power
I am excited journey
I am the rock of patience
I am a whisper singing
I am unbridled freedom
I am the thought from thinking
I am a love unshattered
I am the great orgasm

And if you don't recognize my presence, I am here
And if you don't recognize my presence, I am here

And even if you don't recognize me, I'm still here
And even if you don't recognize me

And even if you don't recognize me, I'm still here
And even if you don't recognize me, I am, oh, I'm still here

Even if you don't recognize me, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here

I'm Still Here (Hidden Track), by Jill Scott


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