Feb. 28th, 2010

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] red_silk_robe's generosity on my birthday, I was able to make a loan to an entrepreneur via Kiva. Below is more information about Kiva and the entrepreneur I helped. If you can help her or another entrepreneur, please do so.

Added 5:10PM ~ I just received an email stating this loan has been fully funded! If any of you who read my blog are part of the reason, thank you!


I just made a loan to someone in Cambodia using a revolutionary new website called Kiva (www.kiva.org).

You can go to Kiva's website and lend to someone across the globe who needs a loan for their business - like raising goats, selling vegetables at market or making bricks. Each loan has a picture of the entrepreneur, a description of their business and how they plan to use the loan so you know exactly how your money is being spent - and you get updates letting you know how the entrepreneur is going.

The best part is, when the entrepreneur pays back their loan you get your money back - and Kiva's loans are managed by microfinance institutions on the ground who have a lot of experience doing this, so you can trust that your money is being handled responsibly.

I just made a loan to an entrepreneur named Tharch Someng in Cambodia. They still need another $100.00 to complete their loan request of $700.00 (you can loan as little as $25.00!). Help me get this entrepreneur off the ground by clicking on the link below to make a loan to Tharch Someng too:


It's finally easy to actually do something about poverty - using Kiva I know exactly who my money is loaned to and what they're using it for. And most of all, I know that I'm helping them build a
sustainable business that will provide income to feed, clothe, house and educate their family long after my loan is paid back.

Join me in changing the world - one loan at a time.


What others are saying about www.Kiva.org:

'Revolutionising how donors and lenders in the US are connecting with small entrepreneurs in developing countries.'
-- BBC

'If you've got 25 bucks, a PC and a PayPal account, you've now got the wherewithal to be an international financier.'
-- CNN Money

'Smaller investors can make loans of as little as $25 to specific individual entrepreneurs through a service launched last fall by Kiva.org.'
-- The Wall Street Journal

'An inexpensive feel-good investment opportunity...All loaned funds go directly to the applicants, and most loans are repaid in full.'
-- Entrepreneur Magazine


Feb. 28th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Whoever prepared L's body did a marvelous job. The worry lines were smoothed from his peaceful face. He looked more like I remembered him when I first began taking classes from him in 2008. It was a relief to see his body finally at rest.

But he had no business laying there. I was too stunned to memorize the date of his birth on the sign propped up in the lid of the coffin; all I know is there weren't anywhere near enough years there, not even 60 years. (Added 2 March, 6:46 PM ~ he would have been 57 years old this Friday, 5 March, had he lived.)

On the one hand, I am comforted when I tell myself he's no longer in pain or short of breath or worried about how to provide for his family, etc. I am comforted to believe that in some form or fashion, he is at peace.

On the other hand, I really will miss him.


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