Mar. 20th, 2010

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T and I share a common habit: hanging onto clothes which are ready for the rag pile. I have been preaching to her about the state of her jeans for some time, but money has been too tight to do anything about it. Yesterday, however, she left me a voice mail message during my outing with [ profile] ladyofthelog (photos coming!!!!!) to ask if I wanted to go clothes shopping with her when she got out of work. I was tired from the walking and my cold, but I chose to go with her for moral support...and so that I would not have to preach about her coming home empty-handed, if she decided she'd rather not go alone. Besides, I didn't want to miss this sight:

T-Bear shopping for jeans
Can I have a better-fitting pair of jeans, please?

T-Bear shopping for jeans
T on Tiptoe

Thirty minutes later, she walked out with three new pairs of jeans to her name, thank goodness!

Today both of us are getting over colds. We are staying in, rather than taking our hacking and coughing to her best friend's house. Sharing is not always a virtue. :-)
wlotus: (Photography II)
[ profile] ladyofthelog has the distinction of knowing me since my earliest LJ-blogging days. (Ye gods: that has been over seven years on LJ for me!) We had never met in person, so you can imagine I was quite excited to find out she would be in NYC and wanted to meet me! We took advantage of the gorgeous weather to meet at The Cloisters Museum far uptown.

The Cloisters Museum
The Amazing [ profile] ladyofthelog!

I genuinely enjoyed her company. We talked about our interests--she knows a lot about medieval art--and filled in some of the gaps between what we blog about and what we experience. During our conversation, I made photos of the museum. I'm very happy with how these came out; they are a far cry from the ones I did a couple of years ago with Rebbie (my 300D).

Photos of the Cloisters Museum )

The next time [ profile] ladyofthelog comes to NYC, there shall be more photos of her! I didn't want to scare her by stalking her with my lens on our first meeting. :-)


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