Apr. 20th, 2010

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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] acoustics1220...

1. My username is __________ because ____________.

My username is [livejournal.com profile] wlotus, because I identify with the lotus flower, and my first name begins with 'W'.

Out of a muddy pond, ten thousand flowers bloom.
~ Calypsonian David Rudder, in "Dedication"

A lotus flower spouts in the bottom of a muddy pond. It gradually pushes itself through the mud and water until it reaches the surface. When the blossom opens in the sun, it is bright, vibrant, and unblemished by the muck it has passed through.

The story of my life. ;-)

2. My name is _____________ because _______________.

My name is Wanda, because that is what my parents named me. It is ironic that my name matches my personality. Wanda means "wanderer or adventurer". My mother can testify that many of her grey hairs come from me living up to my name. :-)

Even more interesting is the fact that my middle name, Louise, means "hero", which fits the role some people have said I play in their lives.

Quite frankly, I enjoy living my life as a natural-born heroic adventurer. I went for a solo walk around our Brooklyn block at the age of two. (And thus began my mother's grey hair!) Public speaking has never phased me; I have done it since age 6 or 7. I've been overseas alone multiple times. I've been scuba diving (resort dive only...certification will come in the future) and snorkeling. I began a career change at age 38. I earned my motorcycle license at 41. And then there was the time in my twenties when I went static-line sky diving...

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.

My journal is titled "Inside My Velvet Rope", because the title is inspired by Janet Jackson's song "Velvet Rope".

It's my belief that we all have the need to feel special,
And it's this need that can bring up the best in us and the worst in us.
This need created the velvet rope.

We have a special need
To feel that we belong
Come with me inside
Inside my velvet rope.

~Janet Jackson

A velvet rope at clubs and parties and other special events divides those on the outside from those privileged enough to be invited in. I'd like to say anyone can come inside my velvet rope, but that would be a shallow attempt to appear more enlightened (or perhaps more foolish) than I am. I can say, though, that I am learning how to recognize the magic in all people. It's a step towards getting rid of the velvet rope altogether.

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.

My friends page is called Reading List, because it is a list of journals I like to read, not a list of my friends. My friends know who they are.

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

My default userpic is a self-portrait of myself bending over a candle. I call it Tending the Flame, and it represents me basking in and nurturing the essence of me.

Because that is what this blog represents.
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When I was in high school in NJ in the mid-80s, there was a sharp division of girls and boys in certain roles: only girls were flag twirlers and participated in pom pom squad, while only boys played drums. (I once told the high school band teacher I wanted to play bass drum in the marching band, and he laughed at me. Not having the backbone then that I have now, I didn't mention it, again.) Since I like killing sacred cows like gender roles, I took great pleasure in the following participants in this year's NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade:

Girls Playing Bass Drum
Girls Playing Bass Drum

+3 )

You can see my complete collection of St. Patrick's Day Parade photos in my gallery.


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