Jul. 10th, 2010

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T and I drove to NJ yesterday evening with minimal headaches from traffic jams. There was a slight delay getting into the Holland Tunnel going there, and there were no delays getting home. We were able to get everything loaded into the car with little trouble and lots of laughs. It was great to see Mom again, who gets along just fine with T. (I'd better be careful; that means at some point the, "Let me tell you this funny story about [livejournal.com profile] wlotus," stories are going to start happening!)

Last weekend we rearranged our bedroom to more efficiently use the space we have. Not only does the room look less cluttered, but the energy in the room feels different, more free-flowing. (I have always sniffed at feng sui as a myth, but now I wonder if there's something to it, after all. I want to look it up and see how much of our new arrangement follows feng sui principles.) Before I left for NJ I took a badly cat-attacked, overstuffed easy chair to the trash. That corner is now occupied by my uncle's table and chair; a set that is just the right size for T and me. We had planned to save the money and buy one in the near future, but.... Anyway, for the first time we have a real workspace for studying and writing and reading, so we no longer have to contort ourselves on the floor or waterbed. Best of all, the table looks as though it belongs there. In fact, I am typing from it, now.

Ah, Uncle, I am blessed. I miss you terribly, but I appreciate the gifts you left behind. (It hurts less when I think of them as gifts.) I think of you often, these days. Thank you for the tidbits of wisdom you shared with me over the years, especially the latest one; you'd chuckle approvingly to see how at ease I have been letting her be her while I continued to be myself. I hope you are at peace.

Oh, and if I see you on the other side, please excuse me if I fuss about you not seeing the doctor the way you should have. I guess now you finally realize heart disease is no joke, huh?

table and chair
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Remember that pair of serious stereo speakers I inherited from Uncle Alvan? I got them out of the car today and hooked them up to the living room stereo. Here is one of them with the mesh cover off, so you can see the seriousness of them.

stereo speaker

If you need me, I'll be in the living room shaking the plaster off of the seven-foot ceiling.


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