Jul. 31st, 2010

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A review of a book [livejournal.com profile] slave2tehtink and anyone else interested in early American history may find fascinating.

In the decades before the Declaration of Independence, thousands of American colonists visited London. Wealthy Southern plantation owners and New England merchants, husbands and wives, children and slaves all arrived in what was thought to be the most exciting city in the world. Some went shopping for exquisite silver, fashionable furniture and the latest books; others traded their goods and engaged in political arguments in noisy coffee houses. A sojourn in London was part of the education of the sons (and sometimes daughters) of wealthy colonial families because, as one contemporary observed, “more is learnt of mankind here in a month than can be in a year in any other part of the world.”

~ From a NY Times Book Review by Andrea Wulf. When London was Capital of America, by Julie Favell.

Read the rest on the NY Times website.

I particularly like the tale of the slave who got himself arrested (deliberately?) just before his master was set to return to America, served his time, and was released a free man who remained in Britain.
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I have been reading the NY Times. (T bought a weekend subscription.) What started out as a delightful intellectual exercise eventually devolved into disgust over protests against a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center (blaming all Muslims for the attack on NYC is as ridiculous as blaming all men of betraying their marriage vows a la Tiger Woods) and angry disbelief over multi-million dollar apartment prices in the city (push us average people right on out of here, why don't you). I wish Chelsea Clinton well, but the fuss over her wedding is pushing my buttons, too. (No reflection on her in the least, especially since I am a big fan of her parents. I just have issues with fairy tales of that sort coming true for others.) Time for me to retreat into a book.



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