Aug. 16th, 2010

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The management of our apartment building mailed us notices detailing the electrical work they intend to do to the building as soon as the proposal is approved by the city. They finally plan to upgrade the wiring and install circuit breakers, which is GREAT and long overdue.


This will most likely mean an increase in rent to cover the cost of the work (just like when they installed a new boiler a couple of years ago).


Instead of electricity being included in our rent as it is now, they will begin charging each apartment individually for its electricity usage.

Now I am stressed about the effect this will have on my already tight budget. That could spell out the end of being able to put money into savings each month, not to mention losing the modest $20 a week I have for spending money.

I dislike feeling stress over money. I like being calm and knowing I have enough. My brain comes up with the worst case scenario, however.

What if I considered a more positive set of possibilities?

What if I continue to have enough, even though I don't know how that will be possible? (I don't have to know how, just like I don't know for sure the worst case will happen.)

What if we are able to make everything be alright?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010, 4:17 PM

Now that I am calmer, I have re-read the documentation. They are not proposing an increase in the rent (yet); they are simply detailing the work to be done and asking for our comments. I wrote that I approve and asked, "Now that electricity will not be included in our rent, by how much will our rent be reduced?"

Ha ha, I know. But at least I am putting it out there, instead of hoping they will think about that on their own.


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