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Of course you are free to share your personal thoughts without referencing my identity or blog on your Facebook or Twitter. But referencing my identity, specific situation, and protected blog entry on your Facebook or Twitter? HELL to the N-izz-AW! I hope LJ allows people to disable this feature for their blog and for all screened comments, rather than leaving it up to commenters to enable or disable the feature for their comments. Not everyone is reasonable and rational. Some people are drama-llamas. This is why privacy protections exist: to protect the rest of us from such people.

LJ Frequently Asked Question #279: How do I update my Facebook or Twitter when I post to LiveJournal?

You can choose to update your Facebook Wall through the Facebook Connect feature any time you post a public entry to LiveJournal using the Post an Entry page, or any time you post a comment to any entry, regardless of the security level of the post itself....

For comments, the Facebook update will say "[Your name] posted a new comment to 'wlotus' at LiveJournal.", and will contain the subject and text of the comment, as well as a link to the entry....

Please note that you can choose to have comments posted to protected entries cross-posted to Facebook and/or Twitter, and the text of those comments will appear to all your followers on those sites, but clicking the link will not show the full entry to anyone who does not have access to view it. The cross-posting options will automatically be unchecked when commenting to a Friends Only or Private post, so that no protected comments are sent to Facebook or Twitter by accident.

Let us get something straight, dear readers. If I catch you linking comments to my locked posts to Facebook or Twitter, you will be removed and banned from my blog without explanation or apology. This is your only warning. Heed it.

Comments are disabled for this post and may be disabled for all locked posts in the future, until this is fixed to my liking.


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