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Did I mention today was a great day to ride a bike? Ms. T and I joined some buddies for a jaunt through Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

Twyla the Bike
Twyla the Bike

View from the Brooklyn Bridge
A View from the Brooklyn Bridge

FDNY Ladder Company 20
FDNY Ladder Company 20

Hard-working Ms. T Feet
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A while back I took a wicked fall off Twyla after a sneak attack by a pothole. My helmet saved me from a nasty head injury, if the hefty crack in the padding was any indication. Until then Ms. T insisted she didn't need a bike helmet. Seeing me take that fall and walk away from it changed her mind.


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Twyla, resting in the park.
Twyla the Bike, during a break in our 12-mile adventure.

I had determined to create a special photo today in honor of Michael Jackson. Problem is, I couldn't come up with any ideas. All I could think of was a man simply doing his thing (and going out of his way to give much of his time and attention to others in the process), no matter who liked it or didn't like it, and sometimes going to great lengths to protect his right to do his own thing.

Today I got up from my computer, donned my bike gear, and rode 12 miles on my bike, camera in tow. I wasn't trying to prove a point. I wasn't trying to be what others thought I should be. I was simply doing my own thing in my own way (with MJ on my iPod, I admit). And you know what? That's a suitable tribute without even trying to do a tribute.

Rest in peace, dear Michael. I did not know you, but I never believed any of the accusations made against you in court or in the media. I always defended you when people made jokes about you. Your only mistake was confiding in the wrong people. I always believed you were too child-like to harm anyone.

I am sorry life and people were so hard on you. I hope now you have the peace that seemed to elude you for most of your life.

Tayatha Om Gate Gate Paragate
Parasamgate Bodhi Soha

Gone, gone, gone beyond
Gone utterly beyond...Oh what an awakening!

~ "Heart Suta", by Wah!
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Always, always look out for and yield to cyclists while driving and before you open any vehicle door. Thank you.

Ghost Bike: David Smith

David Smith
63 years old, killed by car
5 December 2007
Rest in Peace


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