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It was exciting for me to sit in on a conference call tonight between a potential debt settlement client and Dr. Gianmichael Salvato, one of the co-founders of USA Debt Elimination. The quote we developed for her cuts her $45,000 of debt in half including interest, and has her debt free in just under 5 years. Her monthly payments would be about half of what she is making, now. That's a marked improvement from her current payment plan, which would have her paying off the entire debt, plus interest, in over 60 years. I'm excited about the learning experience, but even more excited about helping someone improve her life by helping her meet her financial goals. That makes my consistent daily marketing activity worthwhile.

Speaking of marketing activity, I am learning how to use Twitter to that end. I've signed up for a free program that has the potential to gain me 19,530 Twitter followers in 30 days. That is a considerable opt-in list, if you ask me. I have only ever seen Twitter used for socializing, so I am very interested in seeing how it can be used for business development.

I still have a lot of learning to do, particularly when it comes to marketing. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. In spite of that, I am enjoying learning new skills in a new field. If I can help someone in the process, that makes it all so much better!
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I am excited to announce I have joined the staff of USA Debt Elimination as a certified Debt Settlement Representative. USA Debt Elimination is the nation's fastest-growing provider of professional debt arbitration services. My role is to evaluate a client's situation and, once we determine USA Debt Elimination's program is right for them, set them on the road to financial freedom.

Unlike those "credit counseling" deals that only manage to lower your interest rate and still end up costing you a fortune, our program will have you DEBT-FREE in 12-36 months, without bankruptcy, consolidation loans, or other high-risk, high-cost propositions. We can help cut your credit card debt in HALF, often by as much as 60% or more! This is more than a job for me. I believe so strongly in the program, I have enrolled in it, too.

If you or anyone you know is interested in a free, no-obligation consultation, visit http://usadebtelimination.com (access code: wmccrae) to request more information.

I look forward to helping you and yours towards financial freedom!

Access Code: wmccrae


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