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I can see this hanging on the wall, can't you?

Click on the photo to purchase a print.

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Day and Night
The Wonder Wheel and Astroland Tower

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Astroland Kiddie Park
Coney Island, NY, USA
12 July 2008

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Anyone Want to Play?
Coney Island
7 July 2008

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Yesterday, at Coney Island, I treated myself to a ride on the Wonder Wheel.

Coney Island, looking towards Staten Island. You can see the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in the distance.
7 July 2008

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Development may soon transmute Coney Island into something I no longer recognize. I have created Coney Island As Art so I can remember Coney Island as I have always known it.

An artistic rendering of Coney Island is also the subject of my final project in photography class. Some of the photos in the album now are likely to be shown at the student exhibition in two weeks. I intend to post a collage of my exhibited photos after the show.

Right now I don't have a strong opinion about the development of Coney Island...except that I want it to remain accessible to the general public. If the rides, boardwalk, and beaches were privatized and only made available to resort guests, I would feel offended and grieve the loss of the area. But if old attractions are torn down and new ones are built, I would learn to appreciate the new look of Coney Island even while I felt nostalgia for the Coney Island I grew up knowing and loving.

Coney Island in the Early Morning

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Coney Island in the Early Morning, originally uploaded by wlotus.

The only other people on the pier were fishermen. I was able to stand quietly and enjoy the sound of the water beneath us.

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Moving Right Along

Rearden laughed. "Eddie, what do we care about people like him? We're driving an express, and they're riding on the roof, making a lot of noise about being leaders. Why should we care? We have enough power to carry them along--haven't we?"

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

When it comes to my life and my future, that quote addresses people who do dirty work behind the scenes to get rid of me due to their personal vendettas. I don't understand their issues, what they have against me, or what deals they cut to push me out of their way, but I need not waste time trying. I have a life to live, and they are not a part of that life. They cannot handle working with me the way I had tried to work with them, because they are too lowbrow, too petty. They would rather hide behind titles and act out their bad attitudes under cover of their authority, with the help of their stooges and those they have hoodwinked into believing they have done all they could do to fix the situation.

Let them. I have better things to do with my time than worry about them and the things they think about, do to, or say to me.

An Excuse for Nudity

Yesterday I attended the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. I was expecting something far more creative than what I saw. The parade was little more than an excuse for a lot of people (primarily woman, to the great delight of the men in the crowd) to run around mostly naked. I was quickly bored and sorely disappointed.

Despite my sexually repressed religious upbringing, I admire the naked human body and enjoy the sight of it. I can look at paintings or photographs of nudes all day long. The female body is particularly appealing nude; there is nothing like the curves of a woman's body, no matter her size. What I do not like is a hyper-sexualized caricature of the beauty of the body, and that is what the parade exalted. It saddened me to see so much beauty presented so cheaply, to appeal to the lowest common denominator. There were a few exceptions of people who were artistic in their nudity; those will probably be the only photos I keep. There was one couple I would have loved to photograph in their green and blue body paint. They sashayed along the street in their one or two slips of clothing with as much grace and elegance as though they were wearing formal clothing. They may have been too far away for me to capture with my lens, but they are embedded in my brain.

I gladly escaped to the boardwalk with my friends before the parade ended. The view from there and the beach was far more interesting.

Water Baby
Water Baby
Facing the Waves
Facing the Waves
Wonder Wheel
Wonder Wheel
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Enjoying the Shore, originally uploaded by wlotus.

Coney Island
8 June 2008

You can buy this print from my Fotki portfolio.

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Astroland's Top Spin, originally uploaded by wlotus.

You couldn't pay me enough money to get on this ride! Not only does the whole ride go around in a huge circle, the platform spins on its axis. Not me. No way, no how!

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Coney Island Landmarks, originally uploaded by wlotus.

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Astroland's Cyclone, originally uploaded by wlotus.


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