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House of Six Cats and I have collaborated to present some of my art on ceramic coasters! The coasters are a functional and fun way for me to present my art. They make excellent gifts, too.

Brooklyn Bridge coaster set Freedom Tower coaster set

Click on the image to go its Etsy listing in my shoppe.

If you would like to see specific images of mine on a coaster set, let me know, and I'll do my best to post a listing in short order!
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turtle sunning herself on a rock

Order your 8x10 fine art print at Lotusland Fine Art.
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violin still life

Previously listed in color, this is the black and white version of a violin still life. It is an 8"x10" (20.32 cm x 25.4 cm) photograph, professionally printed at a photo lab and signed on the back by yours truly, the photographer. (The print will not have the display watermark.)

Why, yes, my shoppe is still active. In fact, holiday cards have just gone on sale there. Buy yours before the holiday rush!
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A fellow Etsy artist has created a treasury in honor of Michael Jackson. I am deeply honored that my photo, Emotion, was included in the collection.

All of this weekend, 98.7 KISS fm has honored Michael Jackson's life and legacy by playing his music and allowing listeners to share their memories of him. The announcement Jermaine made of his passing seems surreal; part of me still doesn't want to believe it's true. But I am enjoying the outpouring of admiration for his music and humanitarian efforts. He inspired a lot of people. I can only hope to similarly inspire people with my life and work, too.
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They're ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!! iPod cozies in vibrant colors will snugly, stylishly hold your iPod. I made myself a cozy like this rather than having to dig through my pocket or hand-hold my iPod while traveling, and I wanted to share the convenience with you. The others sold quickly, so get yours while they last. There is even a rainbow one, in honor of LGBT Pride month!

Also listed: Emotion (5x7 Fine Art Print).

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My Etsy shop is part of the Photographers of Etsy (POE) Street Team, and I am responsible for putting together daily lists of the Etsy treasuries which feature POE members' work. Other POE team members send treasury links to me, I compile the list, and then I send it to the team. In the process of receiving the links, I sometimes have interesting conversations with other team members. I also get to have a first glance at my fellow team members' work before the rest of the team does.

Yesterday I received a link about King, a 5x7 photographic note card. I took one look at the photo, fell in love with it, and bought it on the spot. The shop owner was thrilled by the quick sale to a fellow team member. I can hardly wait to receive it; I know just the person to use it for!
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I make a lot of photos. That means I have to spend a lot of time sorting and editing photos to find the best ones to put up for sale. When I let that get away from me for a few days, it can take a while to catch up.

I let it get away from me over my birthday weekend. It has taken all week for me to catch up. :-)

Today I have (mostly) caught up, and it's a good thing I have, or I might have let these two photos slip under my radar:

Hudson River Sunset View

A Light To The World

Clicking on the photos will take you right to the photos' Etsy listings.

I'll be out with my camera tomorrow. Let's see what I come back with, this time!
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A gift for you on MY birthday weekend: a photo of Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse for $5 off! The price will go back up on Monday, so buy it while the discount lasts!

Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse
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In order to provide our customers with prints of the highest quality, Lotusland Fine Art now offers all prints on Kodak Professional Endura Papers. Kodak's Endura line is archival-quality paper, which means it will last for generations under normal display conditions. When you purchase a print from us, you can rest assured it will last for years to come.
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Due to Monday's (19 January 2009) increase in USPS Priority Mail prices, we have chosen to ship items via USPS First Class mail. This will keep your shipping costs way down from where they were. Domestic shipping prices include delivery confirmation, so we can track your shipment and make sure you receive it. Items which previously included domestic postage (note cards and iPod cozies) have had their prices reduced, and shipping is now separate.

(As an aside, the USPS will announce new stamp prices next month, with those prices going into effect in May. Make sure you buy "Forever" stamps between now and then, so you won't have to worry about needing additional postage!)

Along with the price changes, some expired listings have been resurrected. Be sure to check the shop to see if an old favorite you wish you had bought before is back!

Red and White iPod Cozy
(Click the image to go to the shop page for this item.)
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New this winter at Lotusland Fine Art: hand-crocheted hats, made to order in your choice of colors!

red and white tam
Red & White Tam

A hand-crocheted tam makes a stylish, winter accessory. Short and medium-length hair can be tucked underneath it. Made with machine-washable acrylic yarn. The hat measures approximately 23.5 inches (60 cm) around and 7 inches (18 cm) high, with elastic in the band to allow for a slight stretch while protecting the hat's shape over time.

The tam can be made in any color (solids or stripes), with or without the bib. When ordering, please indicate your color and whether you want a bib.

Now, to get my family and friends to pose for photos...
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Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us. Here in NYC stores are already displaying holiday decorations, and some are playing holiday music. At Lotusland Fine Art we are adding holiday merchandise for your shopping pleasure. This year, send your holiday greetings on one of our unique note cards, or give a fine art print as a gift.

If you see an image in the shoppe that you would like to appear on a note card or as a print, please submit your request through Etsy.

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1. hot air balloons Balloons Rising (4x6 Fine Art Print)

2. docked boats Docked (8x10 Fine Art Print)
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I have listed 3 new sets of note cards:

1. Bare Tree

2. Weeping Willow

3. Cherry Blossoms

Also, Shopping Cat was featured in an Etsy Treasury!

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where the music comes from

Click on the photo to view the Etsy listing for this 8x10 print.

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The wonderful thing about summertime and taking a photography course is the number of great shots I've accumulated. That means it's time to post new photos to my Etsy shoppe. I listed 3 items tonight, and I intend to list more in the next few days.

From here on out, my focus on Etsy will be full-sized prints. The notecards and iPod cozies are cute, but they are not my passion.

Happy shopping!


May. 27th, 2008 04:28 pm
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I have not forgotten about my Etsying. I have been occupied with other things.

But spring is here, and with it came more opportunities to get outside and make more photos. I am also taking a photography class, so my creative juices are flowing. I expect to have new notecards and prints in the next month or so.

I've been getting a lot of compliments on my iPod cozies while I am out and about. I have a few left in stock, so hurry to get yours!
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The cherry blossom photograph is now available at Etsy as either a set of notecards or an 8.5" x 11" print! For other print sizes, go to my Fine Art Prints album to place your order. (Yup, it's been a while since I listed any new items. Life is what happens when you have other plans. ::grins::)

I also want to send a special shout-out to The Whimsical Peacock. That Etsy shoppe is where I bought the fabric used for that background of this bible still life. Their service was swift and satisfactory. I made sure to favorite them; I have a feeling I'll use them again, in the future!


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