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Who brought the motorcycle up the block to T in heavy traffic? I brought the motorcycle up the block to T in heavy traffic!

I didn't want to wait at the ATM while she took care of business, so I suggested I ride the bike up to the bank, then she'd drive us home. (I'm not ready to ride with a passenger, yet.) Traffic was backed up because of the street fair going on a block down from us, but I had no trouble pulling out into the heavy, stop-and-go traffic and riding to the bank. I even remembered to signal when I was ready to pull up to the curb.

I think I'm ready to hit the major boulevard a few blocks from us, now.
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Riding with Mommy, originally uploaded by wlotus.

When Mommy rides, so does her daughter. Taken at the B.R.A.T.S. Bike Blessing Event at P.S. 36 in Queens, NY. 22 May 2010.

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By 7:30 yesterday evening I had had it, but I pushed through another 30 minutes of work to make up for a slightly shorter day on Tuesday. At 8PM sharp I submitted my work log, logged off the system, and shut down my computer. Fifteen minutes later I was in my motorcycle gear and pulling off from the curb in the dusk to do a couple of passes through our neighborhood.

At the end of an hour (which seemed like just a few minutes), I had gradually broadened my scope to about a quarter-mile radius. I successfully navigated up and down hills, including restarting without stalling from a dead stop at a sign or signal. (I even remembered to cancel my turn signal...most of the time.) I safely signaled and turned both left and right in traffic. I both gave and accepted the right of way. I appropriately used the horn.

Not only that, but my mental exhaustion had lifted and was replaced with meditative calmness.

I have never been one to enjoy driving a car just for the sake of driving. Driving a car bores me. I had hoped learning to ride a motorcycle would help me appreciate driving for pleasure. After seeing how soothing riding was for me last night, I am sure I'm on the right track.
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T awoke to find me standing over her and grinning. "I'm a big girl," I announced. "I moved the bike."

"No, you didn't," she replied in disbelief.

But I had. Today was alternate side parking, and the motorcycle needed to be moved to the opposite side of the street before noon. T was sleeping late, and I needed to go out to move my car, anyway. So after I moved my own car, I rode the motorcycle around the block and parked it on the opposite side. And I didn't even stall once.

*sticks out chest and struts*

In other motorcycle news, my silver motorcycle jacket arrived, today. It fits like a charm. No more borrowing T's too-big jacket to ride and fighting with armor that doesn't quite fit my frame.

All I need, now, is my own cruiser!
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Now that motorcycles are coming out of winter storage, you need to be aware of them on the road. Here are some video tips for safely sharing the road with them.

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Volusia has saddlebags (hips)!

Back view of Volusia with saddlebags

Volusia's saddlebags

We took Volusia out on the highway today for about 60 miles. It was wonderful to have saddlebags to carry the chain and cover, so we wouldn't have to run them upstairs before leaving on our ride. And I happily put my purse into the saddlebags, instead of wearing it draped across my chest for the ride. The bags fit the bike's style very well. We're quite pleased.

Next up, a windshield!

At the start of our ride we stopped at Sam Ash, where I picked up both a shoulder rest for my violin and a job application. I'll walk my application over there tomorrow and see what comes of it.

The shoulder rest is a godsend! For my entire musical life, I have not been comfortable holding the violin. I could never understand how anyone could put the violin on their shoulder without it sagging; mine always sagged, and no amount of clamping (cramping) down with my chin would keep the violin in place. I snapped the shoulder rest on this afternoon, and presto: no more violin sagging! No more cramping fingers trying to hold the violin with the same fingers I need to play the notes! No more sagging wrist in an attempt to keep the instrument in place! My grasp is entirely comfortable and natural, as if by magic. Who knew all it would take was $10?

Since I am rusty with the finger placement, I've taped the first, third, and fourth finger positions on the fingerboard. This week I intend to play a little every day to begin building my finger strength back up. It helps that I'll be at home alone; I can work on playing with confidence without having an audience, too. :-) But T says I don't sound bad; I practiced the first eight measures of Canon in D, and she likes it.
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T, on her motorcycle
T, Ready to Ride
26 August 2009
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T and I took the bike out for a couple of hours this afternoon. We puttered around town a bit, then took the Queensborough Bridge into Manhattan and back. That was a much better way to spend the afternoon than sitting in the house.

T's bike


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