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Bryant Park on a hump night. The summer film series is over, so they've dismantled the screen. It's nice to see the view without the screen in the way.


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Don't I look devious...I mean, STUDIOUS? I'm leaving school.


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Did I mention today was a great day to ride a bike? Ms. T and I joined some buddies for a jaunt through Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

Twyla the Bike
Twyla the Bike

View from the Brooklyn Bridge
A View from the Brooklyn Bridge

FDNY Ladder Company 20
FDNY Ladder Company 20

Hard-working Ms. T Feet
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A while back I took a wicked fall off Twyla after a sneak attack by a pothole. My helmet saved me from a nasty head injury, if the hefty crack in the padding was any indication. Until then Ms. T insisted she didn't need a bike helmet. Seeing me take that fall and walk away from it changed her mind.


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Look Deep Inside, originally uploaded by wlotus.

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It's the weekend! Time to go out and play!

This shot doesn't show the brown cropped leggings or the wooden bracelet, but they are there.



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"Rosemary's Baby" is showing at Bryant Park, tonight. I've never seen the movie, so I'm sitting under the open sky waiting to take in the film. It should be a fun way to start the week.


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I have been reading the NY Times. (T bought a weekend subscription.) What started out as a delightful intellectual exercise eventually devolved into disgust over protests against a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center (blaming all Muslims for the attack on NYC is as ridiculous as blaming all men of betraying their marriage vows a la Tiger Woods) and angry disbelief over multi-million dollar apartment prices in the city (push us average people right on out of here, why don't you). I wish Chelsea Clinton well, but the fuss over her wedding is pushing my buttons, too. (No reflection on her in the least, especially since I am a big fan of her parents. I just have issues with fairy tales of that sort coming true for others.) Time for me to retreat into a book.



Jul. 28th, 2010 08:59 am
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black and white dog

Scooter is the real boss of Cranberry Inn. He is six years old, and he takes his hosting duties seriously. "He'll bark you out and bark you in," our hostess explained. He does this with much wagging of his tail and a voice far bigger than his little body. But he isn't a yippy dog; other than barking you in and out, you'd never know he's there, he's so quiet.

He's also a social butterfly. By dinner time he was bringing me his toys, so I could play tug of war with him.

*yawns* Is it Friday evening, yet? I am ready for the weekend.
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Painting with (Head) Light, originally uploaded by wlotus.

Two-second exposure at ISO 1600 of a bridge over the west branch of the Delaware River. Hancock, NY.

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We drove down Rt. 97 on our way to I84. Rt. 97 is a scenic road along the Delaware River. At the Hawk's Nest overlook we stopped to marvel at nature's beauty.


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Hello, from Hancock, NY! T and I decided to go away for two days and one night upstate. A former coworker and her husband own The Cranberry Inn Bed and Breakfast, where we are staying, tonight. We have a comfy room upstairs, complete with A/C. I can hardly wait to kick back there and relax with my wine coolers and book.

Hancock is a fairly small town. So far we are the only splash of color we've seen, *winkwinknudgenudge*. The people seem nice enough, though.

Time for dinner!


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I was sorely disappointed that I missed what sounds like an excellent concert Tuesday night in Central Park by the Shanghai Symphony and the NY Philharmonic. Determined not to miss another, I went to Prospect Park with friends last night for another NY Philharmonic concert. In spite of being too far back to clearly hear the orchestra (over the very loud voices of the small children and their caretakers sitting near us), we had an excellent time.

two little boys

+10 )

Events like this are part of why I love NY.
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Cabbage Patch Kid
Holly Nadia, in Her Clean Clothes
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[livejournal.com profile] poeticness had told me to watch the mail, so I dutifully checked the post office box from time to time. Today I checked the box and discovered handmade gifts from her!

There was a painting.

Painting by Poeticness

And a necklace for T, which she keeps running to the mirror to admire.

Painting by Poeticness

And earrings for me!

Painting by Poeticness

There was also a loc ornament, which I will wear when I set my locs free from their flat twists.

She also enclosed the sweetest note, saying she made these things because she knew I was going through a rough time.

I am so blessed to have such thoughtful people in my life. Thanks, again, dear!

Holly Nadia

Jul. 7th, 2010 08:10 pm
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Even twenty-something-year-old Cabbage Patch Dolls need TLC.

I unmatted Holly's curls and gave her a new 'do.

Now she's chillin' in a towel while her freshly washed clothes dry.

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Last night I finally finished editing and uploading my pictures from last weekend's NYC Pride celebration. Enjoy them!

Work It!

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Gay Pride Slogan

NYC Pride Parade
27 June 2010
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Love is the Law placard

NYC Pride Parade
27 June 2010
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Pride Flag

Today was my first time ever attending an LGBT Pride Parade. I had a ball in spite of the crowds and my aching feet. The energy and sense of belonging were amazing to me, and my shutter-finger itched all day. There were beautiful LGBT people (and straight-but-not-narrow people!) of all colors and sizes and shapes and walks of life. The 320+ photos I took weren't nearly enough to scratch my photo-making itch.

There will be more photos, but I am completely wiped out and need to collapse into bed. (T is smart; she's been passed out for about an hour, already.)

I hope you had a very happy Pride Sunday, too.

Pride Flag


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