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One of my debt settlement clients is someone I know well, and she sometimes shares tidbits of her journey to financial freedom with me. She recently received a letter from a creditor threatening legal action, if they did not hear from her by a certain date. Of course, she was concerned about having her account turned over to an attorney. But rather than trying to handle the situation on her own, she immediately faxed a copy of the letter to the debt arbitration company and asked them to advise her how to reply.

To her relief, she discovered she need not reply to that creditor at all. The debt arbitration company assured her this was the type of thing they would handle for her. Furthermore, creditors usually send out that type of letter to try to scare clients into making some sort of payment. "It's SO nice to have someone knowledgeable to walk me through this process!" she exclaimed.

I can't imagine trying to negotiate a debt settlement with a creditor without having experts (who were not contracted to my creditors) on my side. That peace of mind makes enrolling in a debt settlement program worth it for a lot of people.
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When I call prospective clients, I mention their financial situation and say, "I was calling to see if there was anything we can do to assist you." I have had a few experiences already where people have responded favorably, even passionately to my offer for help. Most people want to pay off their credit card debt and/or save their homes from foreclosure, and they are grateful when someone calls to help, rather than to threaten them in an attempt to get payments from them. Every time I hear the gratitude in their voices, I am grateful to be in a position to connect them with our certified debt arbitrators and attorneys, who are more than happy to see what program best meets their needs.

Like anyone, I want to make a decent living for myself and my loved ones. But if I can make a living helping others, my work is more worthwhile.
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I'm spending the afternoon sitting at the window with my laptop on the windowsill, so I can look out at my wet neighborhood. Earlier this afternoon I had been knitting as I took notes of our weekly conference call. I'm an account executive on the financial services team of People's Financial Network, and we meet each week by 'phone to exchange information and ideas.

In my past jobs, I hated meetings. Most of them felt like a waste of time, and many were full of useless propaganda, either for the company or for someone's personal agenda. (We weren't supposed to notice, though.) But I've sat in on several conference calls with the financial services team as we've gone through our various permutations, and all of them are full of useful information. It helps me to touch base with the others, especially since I work from home. So, I don't mind calling in each week. (It also helps that Verizon Wireless recently started their own Friends & Family program, so I can use my minutes for business calls, rather than using my minutes to call my 5 most-used personal numbers.)

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Our debt settlement team is in the process of reorganizing our business. I am in the process of reorganizing my finances in an attempt to settle my credit card debt and get out of debt in five years. It's a relief to have a team of debt settlement experts on my side to help me through the process. I am able to get advice from them on how to handle my creditors, something that would be stressful to do on my own. Whenever I have questions--I have many, as I am new to this process--I can call them and get help from their friendly customer service staff. They are living up to their promise to work for me, rather than working for the credit card company the way a debt consolidation company would do. It helps me feel good about the process, not just about the desired end result.

It's important to me that I believe in the process; it would be difficult for me to offer it to others, if I did not. So far I can say without reservation that I believe in it.


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