Aug. 19th, 2010

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Well, hello LJ! So nice of you to still be here!

Right now I have nothing deep to say. I am here. I am happy. I am healthy, thank goodness. I am also reading you folks' posts with much interest. I read some very interesting folks here in LJ-land. If you are looking for new blogs to read, feel free to peruse my reading list.

I do have photos to share...I need to finish sorting the photos I made at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races a couple of weekends ago.

But right now I have a house music podcast streaming from my PowerBook to my stereo, lavender essential oil in the diffuser, and work to do.

Oh, I've one thing to share before I end this post. Ms. T's birthday is at the end of the month, so I'd been looking for birthday idea that fit my budget. Last week she emphatically expressed her dislike for mismatched towels; the only matched set she has is the one I bought her two Christmases ago. She said she could hardly wait to throw out her old, random pieces in favor of new, fully matched sets. I just happened to have my PowerBook in my lap while she talked, just happened to find my way to JC Penny's website, and just happened to find an awesome sale on their towel sets. I bought her two sets in burnt orange, one of her favorite colors. When she came through the door from class last night, I was standing there holding a professionally gift-wrapped box with the explanation, "I couldn't think of anywhere to hide it that wouldn't squash the bow. Happy birthday."

She was positively thrilled when she unwrapped the gift and saw the towel sets. Judging by her reaction, you would have thought I had bought her something far more complex/expensive than towels. I like that she is so easy to please.

There are photos. She says I can post them on her birthday. That isn't for another ten days, so you'll have to wait.
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Listen as Keith Olbermann debunks the myths surrounding the community center planned for 45 Park Place, NYC (2-4 blocks away from Ground Zero, depending on how you count "blocks"): the building which has been incorrectly labeled by much of the media and its opponents as "The Ground Zero Mosque".

"There is no training ground for terrorists. There is no insult to the victims of 9-11. There is no tribute to medieval Muslim subjugation of the west. There is, in fact, no 'Ground Zero Mosque'. It isn't a mosque....What is planned for 45 Park Place, NYC is a community center. It's supposed to include a basketball court and a culinary school. It is to be 13 stories tall and the top two stories will be a Muslim prayer space. What a cauldron of terrorism that will be: terrorist chefs and terrorist point guards. [Keith Olbermann]"

My fellow Americans are embarrassing me...again.


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