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Someone has created a poll asking people's input on the FB/Twitter link feature.


From what I understand, the LJ staff is aware of and watching this poll, so feel free to add your input to it.

ETA: Yesterday evening LJ staff member [livejournal.com profile] bluemeringue posted this comment in response to the overwhelming number of requests to get rid of (or at least allow blog owners to opt their blogs out of) the Facebook/Twitter cross-posting:

We understand and appreciate your wish for privacy. Most of us would not want our LiveJournal usernames, FO comments, etc., published on Facebook or Twitter either (to the extent we even use them). We hear you. We are doing our very best to respond.

Which makes me wonder, then, why it was done in the first place. I suspect LJ staff had nothing to do with this change. It probably came from the owners up above.

Date: 2010-09-02 07:54 pm (UTC)
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I didn't finish my thought. :-) Underneath the comment box there are two check boxes that allow you to choose to have your comment reposted to your FB and/or Twitter accounts, if you've linked those accounts to your LJ account. You can repost comments you make to other's blogs, even if the blog post you are replying to is protected. Your comment, along with the blogger's username and a link to their post will appear in your FB and Twitter feeds. While others will not be able to see a protected post if they are not on the access list, they will see the content of your comment and may be able to determine what the post was about from that comment. (We won't even get into direct quotes from the post!)


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