Jan. 6th, 2010

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I have given up trying to understand hypocrites. Their ways make no sense to me. However, I keep trying to understand why hearing about them and their ways bothers me so much. I don't like feeling bothered, and I'd like to learn how not to feel bothered when I hear about them.

Another thing to consider is they don't give me a second thought, don't stress over what I may think about them or may be doing with my life. I would like to take a page from their book and do the same emotional disassociation whenever I come into contact with or hear about them.

Under-rested W. Lotuses will, without warning, rip off their hats and gloves while browsing a yarn store, declare themselves tired of being cold and needing to wear 35 tons of clothing, and pout prettily. Just saying.

Tomorrow I shall go to the director of my computer school and talk to her about doing an unpaid office administration internship. The experience, coupled with my Microsoft Office certifications, could help me find an office job that will hold me until I finish my IT certifications (however long that will take, goodness only knows). At the very least, it will keep my mind busy and give me an excuse to go to the school regularly, where I can study my IT stuff in the Mentored Classroom. I also have a lead for a paid job that sounds like steady work. As soon as I complete the skills assessment, we can get the ball rolling on that. So things are looking promising on the job front. It's a good start to the job portion of this year.

My savings will take a much, much smaller hit than expected when I pay for my car repairs and my dental work this week. Have I said, "Thank you!!!!!" in the last five seconds? I haven't? Well then, thank you!!!!!


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