May. 12th, 2010

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When I lived in Syracuse, NY I met a man in Utica who wanted to start a small steelband. That is where I got my start playing and improvising on six-bass; I consider him my "Pan Daddy". A few years ago he moved back to his hometown in Trinidad. When I called him last year to wish him a happy birthday, his number had been disconnected. Since I don't know his people, I wondered if something had happened to him and no one knew to call me. Awhile back he suffered a serious brain injury, so I tend to worry when I don't hear from him. I tucked his memory away in a warm corner of my mind and hoped he was alright.

This morning an unfamiliar Trinidad 'phone number appeared on my Caller ID. When I heard his voice, I felt as though he had risen from the dead! He had lost his phone with my number saved in it and after months of searching had finally stumbled upon my number in an old telephone book. He was just as glad to hear my voice as I was to hear his.

Now that we have each other's numbers again, we intend to keep in touch. He is working with a fairly young steelband and wants me to come to Trinidad to play bass with them for Carnival. If finances allow, I will do just that. He is one of two, perhaps three people in the world who could get me to re-enter the Trinidadian steelband scene. After all, he's the one who gave me my start.


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