Jul. 14th, 2010

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Those serious stereo speakers have been getting a lot of use over the past week. I was tickled when [livejournal.com profile] labyrinthnight came in after a day out last Saturday and asked, "Did you know you can hear that all the way down the hall?"

Why yes, dear cousin. And wasn't it nice of me to share the good music with the rest of the floor, just like some of our neighbors do with their music from time to time? :-)

I don't usually play the music that loud, though. It's enough to hear the subtle rumble of the bass when the stereo is just loud enough for me to hear from my computer on the other end of the living room. (Though I need to loudly try out the fourth movement of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, and soon.) I spent today working at my computer while Rose Royce, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, MFSB, and Jody Watley blessed my eardrums. Outside it was wet and cool. Inside it was comfortable and dry and downright groovy. Before I knew it I had completed eight hours of work and the entirety of a new work assignment, with regular yoga and dance breaks sprinkled throughout the day.

Tonight I am at school plowing through more Security+ training videos. Part of me is relieved to find the information so easy to understand. Part of me is worried I am missing something vital for it to seem this easy. The rest of me is uncomfortably warm, because the building management does not believe in providing A/C to the basement (where the computer classrooms are located) after normal business hours. I shall have to bring iced tea from home when I come back next week. That, or wear a bathing suit. Somehow I believe the iced tea will be a better solution.


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