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The start of a scarf commission. I am jealous; though I made my scarf from the same color lot, my scarf is made of much older yarn. This scarf is much softer than mine!


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A completed baseball cap for T! The dishes are also done, and I have only a few clothes left to handwash. On my crochet hook now is the start of a tam, size small. :-)


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crochet baseball caps
Wool Baseball Caps
22 January 2010
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[livejournal.com profile] just_woo, your head ain't "big"; it's the same size as mine!

Nearly-complete baseball cap
Nearly complete baseball cap.
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Enough folks have asked about buying my hats that I have finally created an online gallery of my work. If you see a style you would like to buy, contact me.

Blue and red baseball capblue crochet fedora
Black and tan tam
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Pattern: "Superfly", from Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats & Cool Caps, by Afya Ibomu
Yarn: 2 skeins Patons Canadiana
Hook: Size H
Time to Complete: 1 day

blue crochet fedora

You can see the stitching better in this shot:

blue crochet fedora
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In the past week I have crocheted two baseball-style caps, ripped back and reconstructed one of T's tams to allow for her greatly reduced amount of hair, and crocheted another tam from scratch. Right now I am crocheting a fedora for me and a tam for T's niece. I have a tam lined up in my mind for someone else, once I find the yarn. I also have two more baseball caps in mind.

Can we say, "Happy hands," anyone? I knew you could.
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Knitting my first sock

Spiral Tube Socks, from Patons, Size 9/10
Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Heart & Sole Spring Stripe (Super Fine), 70% wool, 30% nylon

This is my first time working with yarn so fine. It is also my first time knitting socks! I'm excited to see how these turn out.

I'm finally venturing forth out of the world of acrylic yarn and experimenting with other fibers. For example, I knit a washcloth last week out of 100% cotton. I'm so enjoying the sensation of working with something other than acrylic, I may be hard-pressed to go back.

Alas, the plastic bag I have been carrying this project in has seen better days. If I must carry my knitting with me, it may be time for me to invest in a proper cloth bag. I need it to be small enough to fit into my knapsack, though.

By the way, for all of you Ravelry fans out there, I am wlotus there, too.
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They're ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ck!! iPod cozies in vibrant colors will snugly, stylishly hold your iPod. I made myself a cozy like this rather than having to dig through my pocket or hand-hold my iPod while traveling, and I wanted to share the convenience with you. The others sold quickly, so get yours while they last. There is even a rainbow one, in honor of LGBT Pride month!

Also listed: Emotion (5x7 Fine Art Print).


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